Glass industry

For more than 60 years Körting Hannover AG has planned, supplied and developed complete oil, gas and dust firing plants for furnaces in the glass industry. During the course of past decades considerably more than 1.000 plants have been carried out. The stock of technological experience and knowledge gained from these activities has grown with time and the constantly optimised demands of technology and environment have been adjusted to fit the actual status, serving thereby as a basis for the appropriate duty realisation of firing equipment. So therefore today, equipment conforming to the highest thermal efficiency and lowest emissions is planned and supplied. With its incorporation into the firing technology field of Körting, this knowledge base is also at the disposal of HANS HENNIG.


Lance burners and systems

Annealing and decorating lehrs burner tg – wpK

Lehr burner tg-m

Air register burner LG

Feeder heating