Spirit of optimism


  • On the 1st November 1871 in Hannover, Ernst and Berthold Körting, founded the company GEBRÜDER KÖRTING (Körting Bros.).
  • In the same year, Ernst Körting - consequently applying the law of fluid dynamics - designed and constructed the “injector” as a steam jet boiler feed pump.
  • Firing technology was incorporated into our scope of supplies as early as 1875 and from 1885 onwards, jet gas- and Venturi scrubbers were developed and marketed.

Expansion and inventive talent


  • In 1903 the company is commuted to GEBRÜDER KÖRTING AKTIENGESELLSCHAFT.
  • Besides jet devices, combustion units, engines e.g. for submarines, aircrafts and airships are produced.
  • In 1914 about 4.000 employees work in factories and branches worldwide.
  • At the end of the 1st  World War loss of all foreign factories and branches.

Destruction and new beginning


  • Since 1920 fabrication of multi-stage steam jet vacuum systems.
  • In 1945 the company was completely destroyed.
  • After the 2nd World War rebuilding with the help of the remaining employees.

Economic growth and globalisation strategy


  • Concentration on engineering and core competences on niche markets worldwide.
  • Subsidiary companies throughout the world.
  • Sales volume > 65 Mio. €
  • Employees: approx. 340
  • Direct exports: > 75 %