De-acidification of potable water

The de-acidification of potable water with Körting water jet ventilators is a simple and reliable method. The achievable de-acidification degree of 60 % of the initial contents of free CO2 is often sufficient for the requirements of the potable water regulations.

Water jet ventilators are usually made of PVC and can be reinforced on the outside with glass-fibre toughened polyester. Mounting of the water jet ventilator in the pipeline is effected by means of loose flanges.

Apart from PVC, other plastics such as PE and PP or even stainless steel can be used. A ring butterfly valve made of CrNi steel to be attached at the suction connection piece can be added to the scope of supply, if so required.



  • low investment cost
  • maintenance-free
  • straightforward handling


  • water jet ventilator