Liquid jet gas compressor

Using a liquid as motive medium, liquid jet gas compressors compress gases or vapours with large pressure differences. There is a special ejector design for mixing air or other gases with the motive liquid or for aerating waste water. These ejectors operate at a high gas/liquid mass transfer rate with simultaneous intensive mixing of the liquid itself.


Foodstuffs industry
hydrogenation of edible oils

Treating drinking water
introducing ozone into drinking water
de-acidification of potable water
introducing CO2 into drinking water

Chemical industry
introducing Cl2 gas into EDC-Plants

Biological sewage treatment

waste water aeration
introducing ozone
into waste water
introducing gaseous oxygen
into waste water
aeration and intermixing in SBR-plants
activated sludge process
aerobic sludge stabilisation
nitrification of waste water

neutralisation of alkaline waste water with flue-gas or CO2

as saturation in the pressurised dissolved air flotation.

Lake rehabilitation
deep water aeration

Liquid jet gas compressor installed in a plant
Liquid jet gas compressor installed in a plant

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