Manufacturing at Körting – Quality “Made in Germany”

Combined with more than 140 years of experience and worldwide engineering competence, Körting Hannover GmbH places high demands on the quality of its own manufacturing. In terms of an optimal customer orientation, high-quality materials of the most modern fabrication technologies are applied. Concentration on core competencies allows thereby for a well-directed orientation towards improvement processes. Continuous further training of qualified personnel provides for ultra-modern manufacturing processes which play a large part in the quality of Körting products. In the close connection between manufacturing and testing Körting creates optimal prerequisites for highest quality and reliability.

Own Testing Facilities

Amongst others, the company disposes over testing facilities for the near-service testing of ejectors and condensers. So therefore products manufactured at Körting leave the works only after they have been successfully tested for function.

With diverse testing stands in the firing and environmental technical centre, complex firing processes and flame guiding as well as subsequent flue gas scrubbing can be adjusted to the respective customer tasks separately as well as in the form of a total system. The components and units of the test stands offer thereby the variability of testing this in a scientific and practical manner. These testing stands do not only play a large part in the inspection and monitoring of our own quality. Without them, the continuous development of our own products and technologies just would not be possible.

Quality Assurance

Körting manufactures at the Hannover location and supplies thereby components for process engineering “Made in Germany”. The Quality Management System caters for a checking of the processes on a permanent basis. Each and every company department has been integrated in this process and contributes towards this success and extensive customer satisfaction. The certifications which Körting has acquired are the recognition of this readiness for action and demonstrate the high work standards of all company departments.

Manufacturing at the Körting plant in Hanover, Germany
Manufacturing at the Körting plant in Hanover, Germany
Highest quality in the whole manufacturing process
Highest quality in the whole manufacturing process

Certifications (Excerpt)

  • DIN EN ISO 9001 : 2015
  • Manufacturer in acc. with AD 2000 – Leaflet HPO in connection with DIN EN 729-2
  • CE 0045 according to directive 2014/68/EU
  • ASME-U-Designator-Certificate
  • Manufacture License of Special Equipment China Level A1
  • TR CU Zertifikate (Russia, Belarus, Kazakhstan)

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