Discontinued GWS-products

Effective June 30, 2019, the following product groups from our product range will be discontinued:

  • Burner control units
    Series: 50x Series (FDA / PWA); 60x series (FDA / PWA);
    Suburb control unit OS series (FDA)
  • flame detectors
    Series: FD 2000 and FD 3025; UV cells (UV-2 and accessories)
  • impulse control systems
    Series: miniERUST and μERUST with accessories

In the course of the cessation of this equipment production, we will accept repair orders until 31.05.2019.

For the product groups of burner control units and flame detectors, we offer you alternative devices and holistic solutions according to the latest technical standards. Our sales department will advise you comprehensively and competently.

You are also welcome to contact our technical sales department directly:

Mr. Frank Freudenstein
Tel.: 02102 9506-30