Venting groups for turbine condensers

Power stations generate electricity from steam

Power stations generate electricity from steam. In order to achieve maximum efficiency, the steam from the turbines is expanded into the vacuum. Körting vacuum systems, used to maintain the vacuum in turbine condensers, are in demand worldwide. In addition to conventional power stations, the units have been supplied to atomic power plant and geothermal power stations for many years. Geothermal energy is thermal energy generated and stored in the Earth. Because of the particularly large inert gas flows that enter the turbine with the steam, creating an effective vacuum is vital.

Venting group for a conventional power station

Körting Hannover AG produced two identical venting units for a conventional power station that uses fossil fuels. Both turbine condenser venting systems are designed with two stages. Each jet ejector is redundant and connected with the double condenser via shut-off valves. Therefore, the vacuum system doesn’t have to be switched off for maintenance, repair or other work on the jet ejectors. This ensures that the vacuum in the steam turbine’s condenser can be maintained at all times.

A venting group for turbine condensers made in the Körting Hannover AG plant

Reliable operation and plant availability are very important to all customers. Extensive experience in designing and making turbine venting systems were some of the reasons that prompted the customer to give the order to Körting Hannover AG.

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