Non-metallic vacuum systems

Again and again components occur in processes and have a corrosive effect on the majority of metal alloys. As a result, in these cases non-metallic materials, such as graphite or PTFE, can produce good results. These materials are especially resistant to the majority of acids and many bases.

Due to their simple design, jet ejectors are ideal to be made of special materials like graphite or PTFE. In mechanical pumps this is often not possible at all, or entails substantial additional cost. Jet ejectors also have no rotating parts or moving mechanical components. Therefore they are reliable, durable and require little maintenance.


Alongside ceramics, graphite is the most popular non-metallic material for ejectors. Impregnated graphite is customarily used because impregnation makes it impervious to gas. It stands apart for its resistance to virtually all media. Only highly oxidising acids, elementary bromine and fluorine, as well as some concentrated bases and solvents rule out using this material.

PTFE (polytetrafluorethylene)

PTFE is a material that is very resistant to chemicals and is only attacked by very strong reducing agents (e.g. alkaline-metal ammonia solutions), or very strong oxidisers (e.g. elementary fluorine). It is an especially good choice for applications where hydrofluoric acid occurs.

Customised choice of materials

Other materials or coatings are also conceivable. By liaising closely with customers, Körting engineers can find the right materials for all applications and adapt the vacuum systems to suit the area concerned.

Applications for the chemical industry

The non-metallic vacuum systems can be applied anywhere where metallic materials are ruled out due to corrosion. In the chemical industry they are used to suck off and condense aggressive gases.


  • resistance to corrosive media
  • customised optimisation
  • vacuum levels down to 0.1 m bar
  • temperatures to 180 °C (in certain cases to 200 °C)
  • pressures to -1/+6 bar (in certain cases up to 10 bar)
Körting jet ejector made of graphite
Körting Strahlpumpen aus Graphit
Oberflächenkondensator aus Graphit
Surface condenser made of graphite

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